Batuan and Lod Tunduh Painting

Painting of Bali have experienced remarkable evolution. Traditionally another means of expressing religious and mythological ideas, paintings of Bali have been subjected to a number of influences, including deep interaction with western painters who came and lived in Bali. As with others artistic expression found in the island, theses influences have been uniquely adapted into Bali’s personality creating new nuances and styles of paintings that are distinctly Balinese.

Instead of religious or mythical characters of wayang, contemporary paintings present nature, daily lives of Balinese, or even tourist. The shades of coal gray that dominate traditional painting are now accompanied by vibrant play of color capturing Jalak Bali or Gunung Agung in the morning sun. The King of Ubud was known for his foudness of arts and paintings, and his openness to foreigners.

This Ubud become the center of arts , welcoming into its heart renowned artists such as Bonnet, Spies, Blanco, Snel, etc., many of whom come and never could leave Bali. Today’s Ubud is only slightly different. You should not surprised to run into a foreign writer who has spent months living in a homestay facing a rice field terrace while writing his next book.

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